What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping allows you, the seller, to outsource the fulfillment process to a third party, typically a supplier. The manufacturer or third-party supplier handles the production, storage, shipping, and delivery of products to the customer.

In Amazon Dropshipping, you will research great, top selling and trending items and then list those items on Amazon Seller Central. When you receive any order you simply place that order at other website from where you have researched that item and simply ship it to your buyer. In this process you find a low cost item that being sold on Amazon for a Higher Price and you will keep the profits.

How dropshipping on Amazon works?

Amazon Dropshipping is currently the most favorite and most profitable business model. People like doing Amazon Dropshipping as it does have very less efforts and it have great results from the first month. This business model have its own pros and cons, as if you plan to start your business with Amazon Dropshipping it may take your few days in setting up Amazon Seller Account and fulfilling other requirements. We can start this model from the same day after Amazon Seller Account got approved.

When we start the account first 2 months can be slow that can generate low Profits as compared to 3rd and other months we keep managing the store. Amazon have a policy that they keep an eye on new Amazon stores for almost 90 days, So we have to pass that probation period very carefully, we will slowly add items in beginning and keep sales to a very low constant level. But collectively your store can generate $7000 - $10,000 in first 3 months as profit.

If we talk about advantages & disadvantages of this business model then this business model have some drawbacks as when we sell on a Marketplace we have to follow their policy guidelines. Amazon itself doesn’t like dropshipping, but Amazon currently have 70% of sellers on their platform that are doing dropshipping.

This can be done on your account too keeping account safety as first priority without using any automation software so Amazon AI system can’t able to detect it was dropshipping or fulfillment from a Private warehouse. If any customer complaint about dropshipping we can make the customer satisfied. But it was our main priority in case of Suspension the money will not keep hold by Amazon. If an account got suspended after 8-12 months of activity then that account may have helped you earned $70,000 - $150,000 in that period it sounds good. You can create another Amazon Seller Account on Some other family members or friends details and again you can earn a lot. So this cycle is never going to any end.

What are the Requirements for Amazon Dropshipping?

1- Active Amazon Seller Account.

2- Samsclub Plus Membership with Tax Exemption.

3- Costco Business Executive Membership.

4- Gmail login password that linked to Samsclub and Costco.

5- Credit Card limit Minimum 20K$.

6- Credit card ending 4 digits and CVV.

We will use Samsclub and Costco at beginning to purchase items for our Amazon Buyers. We need Credit card limit to purchase and shipping those items to our Amazon Seller Account Buyers. Amazon pays each 14 days so we must have enough credit limit for shipping those items timely to our Amazon Buyer.


If you have greater credit card limit like $100k-$1000k then your profits automatically get increased. As we have capacity to get a store over $100k - $500K in sales within 30 days. Profits margins are as 10-25%. You can calculate Profits easily by multiplying profit percentage with your credit limit.

You also need to have LLC linked to your Amazon Seller Account that will help you reducing your Taxes in USA. You can link an LLC even after 60 Days of work.

For a greater Credit card limit we will also add all those options for purchasing after 60 Days.

1- Amazon Business Prime Membership with Tax Exemption.

2- Home depot Membership.

3- Bj’s Membership.

4- Target Membership.

5- Vitacost Membership.

6- And even more.

To sign up for any program, Contact Us or Book A Call. We will breakdown payment plans and get your business onboarded with our team!

Yes! If you would like to get both dropshipping and FBA services on your Amazon store, eBay, Walmart or shopify let us know and we will provide you with our bundle pricing. 

The client (you) is always the owner of the Amazon store. Each Amazon store is made under a corporation the client is the owner of. As far as tax purposes go, our team is a consulting service which manages operations for your store. Everything is transparent in this business model, you have access to everything to view and ask any question anytime if you didn't able to understand anything.

Automate City profit sharing fee as well as the upfront fee are expenses for your business but everything that you will provide you are the only owner. 

Amazon pays sellers on a bi-weekly basis. Every two weeks, you receive a payout from Amazon for your available balance. Amazon has a prestigious reputation to protect, so you will receive the revenue from an order once the order has been delivered and 7 days have passed. If there are no returns or refunds requested for the order, then the revenue is transferred to your available balance and as mentioned above, is paid out every 2 weeks

Profit always depend on your credit card limit. If you have $50K of available credit limit you can easily make $5000 - $10,000 of Profits each month. Profit margins are usually 10-25%, if you have $200K of credit limit then you can make $20,000-$50,000 of profit each month.

Is dropshipping right for you?