What are Private Label Products?

These are the products that third-party manufacturers produce and you sell them under your brand name. The manufacturer does not have a right over the sales and you can decide on designing, labeling, packaging and brand identity.

Let’s have a look at the key advantages of starting a private label on Amazon.

Advantages of Amazon Private Label

The first benefit is you can execute your brand launch and earn large profit margins. You have to be choosy in selecting a product with high demand and lower competition.

The second advantage is that you can establish your brand identity the way you like. The private label provides you the freedom to build your brand from the start. PL lets you create your brand identity and accordingly set the values and reputation around it.

There is more flexibility in adding products under the same brand name. If you can see demand for additional products, you can add them to the same category. You can also ask the manufacturer to suggest products that you can sell.

There is no direct competition on the Buy Box for your ASIN, which you have to win in the wholesale business model.

You have more control over the supply chain, enabling you to work directly with the manufacturer to order units you want to produce as per customer demand. You can change the inventory according to the market situation, unlike wholesale where you do not control production.


1- Amazon Seller Account.

2- Investment $15000-$25000.

3- Brand Registry.

4- LLC Registration.

The investment spending includes Brand Research, Product Ranking, Inventory Purchasing, Shipping Charges, Brand Packaging, Product Inspection, Barcode Purchase, Product Research Tools and PPC Advertising Cost.

We will find out top selling google trends and do proper keyword research using different paid tools, So failure chances for any launch is near to ZERO.