How to sell using Walmart Fulfillment Services

The benefits of using WFS are pretty clear, but how do you get your account set up?

If you are currently selling on Walmart’s marketplace, you will need to login to your Seller Center account and check to see your eligibility. If you are not a current seller, you can apply and fill out the Walmart Fulfillment Services Interest Form.

Now, signing up for WFS is not as simple as signing up for an Amazon selling account.

With Amazon, you can just simply register as an individual or a business. However, to sell on Walmart.com, your business must be registered and have a US Business Tax ID (SSN will not be accepted).

Walmart is looking for trustworthy partners that are selling high quality, authentic goods to help expand their product offerings. They will not just let anyone sell on their marketplace, whether you are using WFS or not.

The benefits of expanding your business on Walmart WFS

While there are a few differences between WFS and FBA, the functions and benefits to sellers are basically the same. So, how can selling on Walmart — and using their fulfillment services — be beneficial to you as a seller? Have you heard of the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? This is especially true for e-commerce!

While Amazon FBA is an incredible way to get your business up and running, you should look to expand into other marketplaces as your sales and business grow.

Walmart Fulfillment Services is an excellent option for that expansion. It allows your established business to run practically the same way you would run it on Amazon — with some added incentives.